Amani Ag, LLC presents the M2 Micro™ product,
a revolutionary solution that is changing the face
of agriculture. This product, infused with Soil
Catalyst Technology™, gives farmers the power
to produce healthy, high-yield crops while
reducing their water and fertilizer usage. The
results speak for themselves:
• 40+% reduction in overall water use
• 50+% reduction in NPK fertilizer requirements
• Increased growth rates leading to earlier
harvests and increased overall yearly
• Increased alfalfa quality and plant health
including near complete reduction in insect
pests without use of pesticides

Effortless Application
M2 MicroTM is available in a convenient liquid
concentrate, easily incorporated into irrigation systems
or applied as a spray. One gallon of concentrate treats
10 acres of land, reducing handling challenges and
making it accessible to all farmers.