At Amani Ag, our mission is to develop and
manufacture natural products that enhance and
supplement agricultural land resulting in increased
crop production, improved economic value for
farmers, better health for consumers, and a more
sustainable environment.
Our vision is to create a brighter future for farming
families and businesses, through increased and
sustainable agricultural production that provides
stability for the larger markets they serve.

About Us
Drs. Bryon Tarbet (Ph.D. Organic
Chemistry) and Heather Tarbet (Ph.D.
Biochemistry) lead Amani Ag’s Research &
Development team, focused on developing
natural products suitable for large-scale
agriculture. Their expertise in the
rhizosphere – the zone of soil surrounding
a plant root where soil microbiology and
chemistry interact with the root – has
allowed them to create the proprietary Soil
Catalyst TechnologyTM now incorporated
into the M2 MicroTM product. With M2
MicroTM, Amani Ag introduces targeted
microbiology and nutrients into soil,
turbocharging the rhizosphere to enhance
the natural growth and development of
Join us in transforming the future of